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Ottawa Sun Candidate Questionnaire

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My responses to the Ottawa Sun’s candidate questionnaire.

Why are you running?

I have been involved in the community here in Somerset for almost 30 years and as a public servant federally for 25 years, it is a natural progression for me. It will allow me to work with the community and for the community on a full time basis on some of the important issues we are facing.

What is the biggest issue facing the ward?

Although LRT will completely change the city’s landscape especially in Somerset ward, one of the biggest issues we face is how we continue to intensify the downtown core while ensuring we have enough affordable housing, better services for our seniors aging at home, preserve our parks/greenspace and improve the pedestrian experience by fixing our aging sidewalks. A tall order but it can be done, it will be done.

Are you accepting developer and/or union donations for your campaign?

No. I am only accepting personal donations and from the local businesses in the ward.

Who do you consider a role model as a great leader?

Not sure how others have responded but I will have to go locally and select Jay Koornstra, executive director of Bruce House, an organization that I have been volunteering with for 12 years. Jay has been an incredible community leader and works tirelessly in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Ottawa.

What’s your main vice?

After being a candidate’s aide so often in the past, I am finding it difficult to let go of certain tasks which has made me a micro-manager. However, I am seeking help on that front.