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Fire Fighters Would Like to Know You: A Candidate Questionnaire

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My responses to a questionnaire by the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association.

What is the reason(s) you have decided to run in this municipal election?

  • I have been involved in the community here in Somerset and in the city for almost 30 years and as a public servant federally for 25 years, running for city council is a natural progression for me. It will allow me to work with the community and for the community on a full time basis on some of the important issues we are facing.
  • I have chosen municipal politics for the simple reason that this is how I can make the most positive impact for my community and the city as a whole.

What priority is public safety in your view?

  • Public Safety is extremely important to me.  Prior to running for City Council, I served four years as the Community Co-Chair of the Ottawa Police Service Liaison Committee for the LGBT communities.  During those years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the City’s incredible first responders including fire fighters.
  • Prior to that, I sat on the Centretown Citizens Community Association’s Safety Committee and have community safety on my platform at

Where do you place those who provide municipal fire fighting service?

  • Fire fighters provide our city with incredible first responder services and place their lives on the line for us each time they respond to a call.  I place firefighters and all first responders very high on the list.

Will you take time to meet with us and should you agree with our position on issues, will you be a supportive voice at committee and council?

  • Yes on all counts, without hesitation.

As the Nation’s Capital, how do you see the role of the fire service and what changes do you believe need to be made?

  • I see the role of the City’s fire services to be extremely important.  That said, I can’t think of anything at the moment that would need changing on the top of my mind but would always keep the conversation open in case anything comes up.

Who do you believe city council should consult on matters involving fire protection, fire service capabilities and public safety? (check all that apply)

X     Fire Chief (first and foremost)
X     Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office
X     Fire fighters (association)
X     The public
Taxpayer’s association
Chamber of Commerce
Private consultants
Insurance grading organization

What is your current understanding of the role that the city’s full-time fire fighters currently play in the delivery of Emergency Medical Services?

  • Fire fighter s are sometimes if not more often the first responders on the scene of a fire.  It is important that many of our current full time fire fighters be trained in the delivery of emergency medical services, at least till paramedics arrive on the scene.  It could mean life or death for some.

Knowing that our city’s fire fighters have existing medical skills, are strategically positioned throughout the city and often arrive on the scene of medical emergencies before ambulance-based paramedics, do you support:

X     Studying how the expanded use of existing on-duty fire fighters could improve response times and improve patient care in a cost-efficient manner

Leaving things as they are

Reducing the number of medical calls fire fighters respond to in order to save fuel and reduce the possibility of road accidents
involving emergency vehicles

Unsure / would like additional information

What changes, if any, do you think need to be made to the way Emergency Medical Services are delivered in our city?

  • Without being very familiar with the full emergency medical services provided by fire fighters, I would suggest more training.

Lastly, we would like to get to know you. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what the primary issues are those concern your ward residents?


Born and raised in Ottawa, Denis has lived in the Centretown and Little Italy areas for more than 27 years.

Denis is a strong community leader. Since his first volunteer experience as a young adult, he has volunteered for many local community based organizations and sat on a number of Board of Directors. He is extremely proud to have helped raise much needed awareness and funds for many important causes.

Denis has very deep roots in Ottawa going back a few generations and is proud to be a Franco-Ontarian


“I have been involved in the community here in Somerset for almost 30 years and as a public servant federally for 25 years, it is a natural progression for me. It will allow me to work with the community and for the community on a full time basis on some of the important issues we are facing.”

Somerset is a great place to live, there’s no doubt about that.  Together we can make it even better…

  • Better more affordable transit
  • Better development that is done right and done smart
  • Better services for our seniors aging at home
  • Better support for our local businesses
  • Safer, greener and healthier community